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Anonymous asked:

I'm suddenly curious about what other ships do you ship (including ones with Green and Red, but you dont have to answer those, I dont want to ruin your shipping moments)

green-x-red-ftw answered:

Alright, here’s a list of my favorite ships (aside from the obvious Nameless/Original/Pallet):
- Gameverse:
+ HistoryShipping (Green x Red x Leaf)
+ HunterShipping (Ethan x Silver)
+ HeartGoldShipping (Red x Ethan)
+ TensaiShipping (Steven Stone x Brendan)
+ LoveRivalShipping (Brendan x Wally)
+ TwinleafShipping (Barry x Dawn)
+ ClingyShipping (Barry x Lucas)
+ IgnitionShipping (Flint x Volkner) 
+ IsshuShipping (N x Black)
+ WagonloadShipping (Hiker Andy x Hilbert)
+ DualRivalShipping (Cheren x Bianca)
- Mangaverse:
+ JadeShipping (Blue x Yellow)
+ GrantedShipping (Lance x Yellow)
+ PreciousMetalShipping (Gold x Silver)
+ FrontierShipping (Crystal x Emerald)
+ SecondaryShipping (Green x Silver)
+ FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire)
+ EntourageShipping (Pearl x Diamond x Platinum)
+ IsshuDexShipping (N x Black)
Off to Google for a way to make my posts stop appearing in one big paragraph ._.